Stage Fright

Nothing — I mean NOTHING — causes me to have an adverse and uncontrollable physical reaction than playing piano in public without having sheet music in front of me. My leg shakes uncontrollably. I mean a good three inches of vertical motion.

I honestly don’t understand. I could speak on national television or in front of an enormous live audience and actually enjoy it.

There’s just something about piano.

So it’s odd that I’d choose to perform my very first song tonight in class while playing piano rather than guitar. With only the chords written on the page — not the notes.

I wrote the song on Saturday, and first put it together on guitar. But it became apparent that it was much more of a piano song. So tonight I had to perform it. In front of 10 people.

I thought my leg was going to shake off. I wasn’t sure I was actually going to be able to sing. I’m not even exaggerating. And I went last, which made the whole thing even more anxiety-ridden.

Two people in class really brought down the house. I think I did OK.  Here’s the ditty, which everyone thought sounded a bit “Broadway.” (Surprise.)

December in Rome
Intro: |Dsus2 D| G |Asus4 A| D

|Dsus2 D| G
We ran for the plane, late leaving home
A |Dsus2 D|
“Now boarding all classes for Rome”
|D D/F#| G
With magazines in hand
Em |Asus4 A|
We started our girls’ trip with a map and a plan.
G A D (2)
Flying to the Steps of Spain, in December in Rome.

|Dsus2 D| G
We awed at Apollo and Daphne’s detail
A |Dsus2 D|
And scoured to find antique maps for sale.
|D D/F#| G
Looking to leave with the perfect prize
Em |Asus4 A|
I spotted a blue Fendi bag with big eyes.
G A D (2)
In a store on the Steps of Spain, in December in Rome.

|Dsus2 D| G
Crowds swarmed the streets on the Day of Conception
A |Dsus2 D|
We Lutheran girls made a Catholic connection
|D D/F#| G
West to the river, staked our place
Em |Asus4 A|
We were told we would come face to face
G A D (2) A/C#
With the Pope on the Steps of Spain in December in Rome.

Bm F#
Later on, cross with our words
Bm F#
We yelled about where to go for hour d’ourves.
Em Bm
Umbrella flapping as the sheet of rain blew,
Em F#dim
My heel slipped from under me too.
Em A D
Falling down the Steps of Spain, in December in Rome.

|Dsus2 D| G
Sitting down to a glass of wine
A |Dsus2 D|
Sausage and brie, our last meal we dined.
|D D/F#| G
Of dashing men and shopping we wrote
Em |Asus2 A| (2)
Highlights and lowlights, all the stories we’d spoke.
G A D |D A/C#|
Arrividerci to the Steps of Spain, in December in Rome.
Em A D
We’ll be back to the Steps of Spain, in December in Rome.


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    I can’t believe you have stage fright playing the piano. Seriously…the piano? You’re so good at it. And I’ve seen you improvise. You don’t need music!

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