Back to the beefy gossip…

So, I left you hanging with the story of how His Meatiness ended up taking me to the opera.

My media director used to work at one of the radio stations in town, and she’d given me the tickets to the Pavarotti concert earlier in the week. So by the time I’d conceived my crafty plan and built up enough nerve to actually execute it, we were at T minus 6 hours from the event. It was a good thing it was a cool mid-April Saturday afternoon when I placed the call from the Midas waiting room — otherwise I would’ve been sweating.

Long story short, he said he’d be delighted to go.  He’d said he’d walk across the 15-foot driveway and knock on my patio door at 7.

I was so excited. I had a killer ensemble…a black velvet sleeveless top (with only an asymmetrical spaghetti strap over one shoulder), paired with a floor-length slightly-A-line skirt. And a cool mink stole that I’d bought for $38 at the VFW thrift shop. (Foxy.)

He showed up in a black suite and silver tie, and I about fainted. This dude was hot.

So we headed for the Coliseum, and in the end it was quite funny to be so dressed up. The venue is cement. With folding chairs. Smelled of rodeo. But there were quite a few people in sequins, so I didn’t feel completely overdressed.

Overall the concert was fair, but I didn’t care. I didn’t really even notice the music.

When we got back to the car, he asked me if I’d had dinner (of course not), and then told me he’d made reservations at Larkspur. (What man does this in real life?) And I continued to walk on air…but I had to playfully punch him every other minute to make sure he knew that I thought this wasn’t a date.

Dinner was grand. Until I knocked over my water mid-gesture and it went flying into his lap.


The “good night” was a bit awkward — by that time it seemed like a date. And it didn’t seem like the right time to convince him that he shouldn’t have a fiance. So we gave each other a high-five and he walked back across the driveway. 

Sigh. My one chance to lay a big one on him flitted off into the night. It’s really too bad I have a rule against kissing guys with girlfriends.


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