Mindless Productions

My Tivo is full. Right now I’m getting caught up on Dancing with the Stars from last week, and I have yet to watch the following:

  • Mad Men (last week’s)
  • Big Shots (two episodes)
  • Top Chef Results Show
  • Dirty Sexy Money (two episodes)
  • Private Practice (two episodes)
  • America’s Next Top Model (two episodes)
  • Oprah (Nate Berkus episode)
  • Desperate Housewives (last week’s)
  • Grey’s Anatomy (from two weeks ago — had to watch this week’s first)
  • Dancing with the Stars Results (last week’s)

The good news is that I can watch an hour-long show in 20 minutes, because I fast forward through all of the commercials and the parts of the storyline that are boring. The bad news is that even if I do this, I will end up in front of the TV all day today. But I guess it IS rainy out, so why not?

Now that we’re entering the fourth week of the TV season, it’s pretty clear which shows are the winners. My favorite: Gossip Girl. Love, love, love this ridiculous teenage drama queen soap. Brothers and Sisters continues to be a great one. And of course Mad Men, to which I’m addicted.

Most disappointing: Big Shots. It had such promise, based soley on Michael Vartan’s presence in it. I thought it would be impossible to mess up.

Average: Grey’s Anatomy. It’s kinda boring this season, but I’ll give them a few more episodes to get back on track, given that they’re trying to develop quite a few brand new story lines.

I’ve only watched the pilot for Dirty Sexy Money, but I have to say it was much more interesting that I thought it would be. This could be the dark horse of the season.

So yesterday I went to the gym for the first time in ages. I happened to hop on a treadmill where the TV was was playing America’s Most Smartest Model, and the show was about 10 minutes from the end. Basically they’ve cast 7 “himbos” and 7 “bimbos” in a show that puts their overall intelligence and beauty to the test. So amid naked photo shots, they have to answer questions posed by Ben Stein.

Seriously, it’s hysterical. Even funnier than Beauty and the Geek — which is pretty darn good.

As the credits rolled, I saw it was created by Mindless Productions. How appropriate.


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    Annette said,

    OK, the ONLY shows I’ve been keeping up with are ANTM and B and the G! Talk about quality TV! I just can’t keep up with Dancing since it seems to be on every night of the week or something.

    I’m also addicted to Meerkat Manor. You must check out MM.

    I tried Dirty Sexy Money because the lead actor was on Six Feet Under, but I haven’t been able to get into it. Or, I can’t see him as anybody other than “Nate”.

    Gossip Girl looks like my type of show but I’ve never caught an epi yet.

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