Stripping Down The Issue

In a scientific poll conducted by Galloping, one in four million men claim they won’t visit strip clubs because they’ll get a cold.

Galloping’s lead researcher, Ms. Firewife, decided to conduct an official internet search based on insider information from Nelly’s brother, who reported that several of his friends had come down with the crud after having a stripper’s bosom rubbed on their nose.

Ms. Firewife’s shrewd Google search uncovered a disturbing article on MSNBC, ultimately leading her to launch the full-fledged poll:

Dozens treated in St. Maarten after dancer diagnosed with disease

Nelly’s brother declined comment.


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  1. 1

    DIY said,

    Once again proving my endless wisdom. – DIY

  2. 2

    Joplin said,

    DIY, Is that why you always had a nasty cough when you lived in IA?

  3. 3

    DIY said,

    I attribute that to “Cubicle Cough”. A similar illness, Kennel Cough, affects canines.

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