Dashing Through The Snow…On Halloween

All the way through high school, there wasn’t a question what I’d be doing on October 31: I’d be pulling some random costume from a Christmas pageant out of the closet at the last minute, jumping in the green pickup with Dad as chauffer, picking up Trish and making the rounds to trick-or-treat all the country folks.

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of trick-or-treating in the country, you’re TOTALLY deprived. These people never see people. And they buy candy like the world’s going to end. So not only would you get a FULL-SIZED snickers, but you’d also get candy corn, a popcorn ball, a caramel apple and probably a $10 bill.

That’s probably why Trish and I just couldn’t give it up. We justified it by saying that the neighbors REALLY enjoyed seeing us in costume every year – so how could we possibly disappoint?

The event was particularly memorable my junior year in high school. Halloween snuck up on us, and I didn’t have a costume. So I raided the closet and found Brother DIY’s reindeer costume from about 4th grade. Mind you, he was about 4’5”, 80 lbs at that time. And I was 5’5” 130. Try that on for size.

The good news was that in addition to the fuzzy brown suit, I found the cardboard antlers he’d worn.

So with T-15 minutes, I jumped in the suit, adjusted my antlers, and ran out the door.

You should know it was snowing, and the power was out. Yes, it was October 31.

Mom snapped a picture of me as I was prancing down the sidewalk, and it’s amazing she managed to get me in the photo, given that it was truly pitch black outside. (Once the photos came back, the flash had reflected off the snowflakes making it look like little white bells were falling all around me.)

I jumped in the green pickup with Dad, who was once again carting us around – good thing, because the snow was pretty nuts.

We chatted up a few neighbors, who were happy to unload their goods (knowing that few people would be coming by), and then we decided to cut it short because of the weather.

Fast forward 10 years…

As you might have previously read, one of my ploys for getting a job in Chicago was to do a powerpoint presentation following my interview – to show that I was indeed the most qualified candidate on earth to work on the John Deere account.

I’m sure the antlers sealed the deal. Click here to view: Love for Deere.


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  1. 1

    Trish said,

    Oh my goodness…. yesterday I was just remembering our trick-or-treat expedition in the snow! I don’t know what was more entertaining, seeing our neighbors’ reactions to your costume or watching your dad navigate his four wheel drive through the snow! Good times.

  2. 2

    Ann Religa said,

    I hope you find your Super Hero, Happy Hunting! Also, I had a wardrobe malfunction. I lost my nose. I was running down main street Newton chasing a small red foam ball! In my mary jane clown shoes! Good news I caught my nose and did not trip! It is really windy here today the nose went almost a whole block.

  3. 3

    Pastor Tom said,

    Ah – we move from Halloween to Christmas –
    (with the “Love for Deere” theme)
    picture this – Santa driving a green sleigh
    being pulled with what?
    Green Deere!
    With Rudolph leading with a green nose!

  4. 4

    You were SO meant for advertising. Really. 🙂

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