Milo Harvest

Until I moved to Chicago, I had no idea that milo was weird.

Indeed, I’ve only met one person in Chicago who has ever heard of the stuff, and he happened to be sitting next to me on the plane to Wichita on Friday.

I guess it never occurred to me that milo isn’t grown much outside of Kansas, Nebraska and Texas. And since no one buys it in the grocery store, it’s pretty clear why no one knows what it is.

So for those of you who still have no clue what I’m talking about, milo is a sorghum that is basically used for animal feed and ethanol. This is what it looks like:



It’s planted in late spring and looks like corn as it’s coming out of the ground. It’s harvested in October/November. It grows to be about shoulder-height on me, which I suppose is about 4′.

milo 856

Saturday got off to a bit of a rough start — the clutch went out of the tractor. Good thing Brother DIY was an engineer on the tractor at John Deere. He promptly (and proudly) pulled out some wire and rigged it to work.


Once that was fixed, I quizzed our trucker about his rig.


Then Mom and I went home for a nap. And an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

A couple hours later the combine was nearly out of gas, so we motored back over to the field in the old GMC fuel pick-up that had a “clunk clunk” under the hood. Dad munched on a banana while trying to figure out the issue. (By the way, this is the truck that traditionally hauled us around for trick-or-treating.)


Brother DIY started fueling the combine…


…and then we all partook in a snack…


…and some laughs.


Once the combine was fueled, I jumped in with Dad for the annual milo harvest report:

Then I took over the wheel. Eeeek.

Dad had to go clean up what I missed:


We finished as the sun was setting, so Dad stepped outside the combine to phone the trucker and let him know he was done for the night.


And then we rested.


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    Ann said,

    Way to go !!! I loved the clip!

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