Sinning for the birds

Last night I committed perhaps the biggest sin of the year.

I wore red. To a KU bar. And cheered for the Jayhawks. (Who subsequently lost to Mizzou. Perhaps the subconscious feelings of Jayhawk hate from my youth contributed to their demise.)

What have I become?

Let’s dissect this issue. What would posses me to behave this way?

  • It was the only big game of the night, and since Jenn and I have made a pact to get out and watch more football, it was only natural that we would choose a game between those ranked #2 and #4.
  • Boys from Kansas are cute. And there’s a higher probability of finding a Kansas boy at a KU game than, say, a Michigan game.
  • The KU bar is Lottie’s, which I’d never been to. So, it was an opportunity for a new adventure.
  • My red sweater was clean, and it makes me glow more than my black one. (Sidebar: Mom noticed that everyone in Chicago wears black. I pointed out that when it’s raining, black doesn’t show the muck from the street that inevitably ends up all over your pants. Try wearing white and you’ll see what I mean.)

So, what was the result of all this nonsense?

I spent $30. I supported the folks of Golden, Colorado. I talked to boys who looked half my age. And I was in bed by 11:30.



2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Ann said,

    Wouldn’t it have been more fun to just wear your true colors? Purple! Ann

  2. 2

    Ann said,

    Second thought from Jonie is since when did blending work for you anyway?
    Jonie and Ann

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