Happy New Year!

My first waking moments of 2008 consisted of dry heaves. (And not from alcohol, either, for those of you who dared to go there. I was home and in bed before midnight last night after a delicious meal of meatloaf and mac & cheese at Jenn’s.)

Yes, indeed, I caught the flu. Eeewww. So after watching the Rose Parade for an hour, I fell back asleep until 12:30. And since that time, I’ve been on the couch watching the “America’s Next Top Model” marathon.

But the real fun happened on Sunday night, anyway.  And I’m cursing myself that I didn’t take a camera along.

Jenn and I met some of my old neighbors (Gretchen, Lori, Greg) at Eve of the Eve, a charity ball for an organization called High Sight. Word has it that 2,000 people were at Union Station that night. And I ran into several folks from my former job and from my volleyball team.

I wore my D&G dress, which I’ve only worn once before. To that wedding, with you know who, which ended badly. I’m sure you remember the drama.

Well, guess who should appear at the ball? The guy. The dress clearly calls his name.

The good news was that he sought me out to apologize profusely. And we had a nice “catch-up” conversation. He was there with his brother (who I’d been on a date with a few years ago).

And of course both of my girlfriends swooned over his newly-single brother. (Yes, his girlfriend has since been put to rest.)

But that wasn’t the highlight of the evening.

When Jenn and I first walked in, she spotted Jamie Blyth — one of the guys on the original Bachelorette. And it became apparent that he was going around interviewing people on camera for a new show about secrets of Chicago called 24/7.

So Jenn tapped the cameraman on the shoulder and told him that her friend was hilarious and that he should interview me.

Jamie is hot:


And he indeed interviewed me. The question was, “What’s one of your Valentine’s Day memories?”

Jamie Nelly 1

Oh brother. The first thing that came out of my mouth was, “Well, I’m from a farm. And typically when you’re on the farm, you go out for dinner, go to a movie, and then go on a crop tour.”

“What’s a crop tour?” he asked.

“You go park in a corn field and make out,” I replied.

Jamie Nelly 2

The good news is that I made him laugh.

Jenn thought it was my charming wit. But it was really because I grabbed his butt.


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    Ann said,

    Ok, now ask him out for a date, he is cute?

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