The Land Down Under

Saturday was family day at the farm. DIY and Michelle were in from K.C., so we decided to have a family outing to the new Underground Salt Museum.

We headed for Hutchinson (in search of the most boring-looking museum building ever — couldn’t they give it some style???). It took us a few minutes to figure out which door to go in.


We gathered up our tickets, with 24 seconds to spare.


We had to watch a safety video before they would give us our hard hats and “self-rescuers” — but they reminded us that no one had ever died in a fire in this mine. Comforting.


Then we headed for the elevator that would take us 650 feet underground. In the dark.

diy and michelle

My flash was the only light. (Good thing they weren’t secretly picking their noses.)

mom and dad

We filed onto the tram, which would take us through a small part of the 67 miles of tunnel in the mine.

on the tram

mom and me

Despite threats of being attacked by “Grizzmok” (half grizzly, half water moccasin), we rummaged through a salt pile to find the perfect souvenir.

picking up salt

Then they dropped us off by the memorabilia. There were a couple videos explaining the mining process, along with a few pieces of old machinery.


Then we saw the exhibit about all the old movies and paraphernalia stored down there.


All the major movie studios use the mine for storage, because it has a constant temperature and humidity.




And tons of companies store files.


Michelle looked for water bubbles in the salt rocks. Apparently scientists have grown ancient bacteria that was found in these bubbles.


salt rock


We decided that one trip to this place was enough for a lifetime. And then we went for pizza.


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    Kevin Y. said,

    I just wanted to thank you for the videos I saw on U-Tube with you and your dad on the combine. I grew up on a farm but live in Youngstown, Oh. now. My boys didn’t get the chance to ride with dad working the farm, so the videos are the next best thing.

    I heard your dad mention Hutchison on the combine. I thought I’d write because my mom is from Little River KS. We used to go there every summer when I was younger. I still have cousins in the area.

    Thanks again,

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