In Honor of Dad, On His Birthday

It’s 9:17 p.m., and I’m sitting at my desk at work because I can’t seem to muster the energy to unglue my cheeks from my seat. And I told myself that I couldn’t go hail a cab and muse over Vietnamese food until I wrote a post.  Hmmmm. What should I write? (Nap, snooze, yap, eat Greek chocolate, repeat.)

45 seconds ago I was literally hit with a bolt of lightning that made me nearly fall out of my chair. Oh no! It’s Dad’s birthday, and I didn’t get his present ordered!

So, to make up for a slightly late gift, I am going to behave tonight as if I were Dad, in his honor.

  • I will go to Dairy Queen, since ice cream on every “outing to town” is imperative 
  • I will get home and have either a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a bowl of cereal, because I don’t cook
  • I will take a shower and wipe it down afterwards, so as not to get water spots on the tile
  • I will watch the evening news to catch the weather
  • I will check the markets on the CBOT site
  • I will talk to DIY for two hours about wind farms
  • I will read a book on my couch, which most closely simulates the blue recliner that he normally sits in to read
  • I will shut the cats in the closet, to simluate putting the cats in the shed
  • I will set my alarm for 6:30, knowing that I will snooze for an extra half hour because it’s winter

Happy 40th, Dad! May you relive this year for eternity.



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    Pastor Tom said,


    In honor of your father on his 40th –
    I wanted you to know that he is a good teacher by his example.
    I am learning from him how to sweep the garage floor after I pull out of the garage.
    Also by his example I am trying to learn how to let the vehicle drip/dry
    before pulling into the garage. That one is a little hard for me.

    Collette will have to tell you the story of inviting your dad out for ice cream.

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