Damn, damn, damn. I have a kink in my neck.

Actually, it’s on my left side above my shoulder blade, halfway between the blade and spine. I woke up with it yesterday.

I have three hypotheses on how it developed:

  1. Standing and walking in high heels for more hours than usual this week
  2. I pulled something playing volleyball
  3. The tribal warriors that hang out inside the radiator in my bedroom during the middle of the night were not only playing the bongos, but placing a curse on me for running around too much. (Seriously annoying “clang, clang” for three hours on Thursday night.)

This is why I am perfectly content to be sitting in my PJs at 3:48 p.m. I feel like a female Hugh Heffner in a fuzzy pink housecoat.  (Though I doubt Hugh would be reading Willa Cather’s My Antonia while sitting on the courch surrounded by purring kitties.)

Fortunately, there’s Advil. After four of those suckers and a hot tea, I was able to bake banana bread and mop the kitchen/bathroom floors.

Call 1-800-555-1212 for your free sample.


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    alilou said,

    ….hope you’re not cleaning for Ann & Mark….;-)…she said they were on their way there soon…have fun!…alilou (Ann’s little sister)….

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