Mountain Adventure

My, my — the juicy tidbit from last week caused a stir! Your nosiness is greatly appreciated. At long last, I’m sitting my freezing self in bed to warm up my feet and post photos from our trip.

Overall it was a fantastic time. Good weather, good snow, no lines. And a fireplace.

We took off Friday night on a flight that was two hours delayed, which put us at my cousin Bobbi’s house well after midnight. Poor Bobbi — she was nursing Theraflu when we arrived. The next morning we made the rounds to the relatives, then headed for the mountains around noon in our Durango, after stops at King Soopers and McDonald’s.




That afternoon we skied Keystone (from 3-6), then went to dinner, where I proceed to butter a roll and stick in what I thought was my mouth — but it turned out I stuck it on my lip instead, which caused it to tumble back onto my plate. Mr. Farmer found this enormously funny.

The next day was 35 and sunny, and we hit Keystone again around 11:30.

I was whisked back to my 4-H ski trip days with the following pose:



We spent the first half of our day on North Peak and the Outback. And we goofed around taking photos of ourselves on the lift:


Where’s Nelly? (Check the glasses.)


Bobbi’s husband gave us lift tickets to Copper Mountain, so we decided to ski there on Monday. Excellent choice! It was our favorite spot. It’s like choosing your own adventure down the mountain, with lots of different little jigs.

Unfortunately we choose wrong on a couple of occasions, which left me flat on my ass. Twice. Those black mogul runs are for spring chicken 4-H’ers.

Late in the day, as we rode the Timberline Express lift to take a run down American Flyer, our fellow lift-mate told us she was 80 years old. And she had bought a condo at Copper when the resort first opened in the ’70s. She paid $38,000 for a 2-bedroom, 2-bath place. Life is good.


3 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Pastor Tom said,


    He seems to be a real nice guy and a gentleman – first impression but I am sure
    I am accurate! You guys look good together!

  2. 2

    Ann said,

    It sure looks like fun. I think I will not be skiing this year and you make me jellous! I am glad you had a great time and I must tell you Disney was GREAT!

  3. 3

    Heidi said,

    Thank goodness we finally get to meet him face-to-face. Mr. Farmer, eh? We are going to need more detail than that, you know. What’s he doing in the city, for example?

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