Of Horsepower and an Island

As I inhaled my Ann Sather cinnamon roll at brunch this morning, I asked Mr. Farmer to explain engine EGR technology, which basically led to a discussion about how engines work. (Given that I’ve been marketing heavy equipment for almost five years, you’d think I’d know how to build one by now.)

So he gave me the gory details. And he explained the difference between horsepower and torque — using many colorful examples to explain that horsepower was about power (i.e. rate at which energy is transferred from the engine to the transmision) and torque was more about towing capacity (though technically about rotational force).

I offered up an example to see if I understood correctly:

I said that if he (as a 130-pounder) was spinning at the same rate as an obese guy, that’s horsepower. But if one of them is spinning and sits down on me, it’s clear the fat guy has more torque. Or perhaps I’d be the torqued off one.

He just shook his head and took another sip of coffee.

After that we used these concepts to haul my island from the back of his truck across the street and up three flights of stairs. It required far less horsepower than we thought — fortunately.

So I’ve been meaning to get an island for 2 years now. (Can’t believe I moved into this place two years ago this week.) I saw this particular one at World Market a couple summers ago but didn’t pull the trigger because it was $350 and not quite as functional as the one I had seen at Target.

Needless to say, by the time I had non-buyers’ remorse, the islands were gone.

Then a couple weeks ago I saw one! In World Market! For 50% off! Unfortunately that location only had the base and not the countertop. So I waited until the following weekend. Hark! 75% off. Less than 100 bucks. Stellar.






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