Preoccupied with occupations and occupants

As my cab skimmed along the thin layer of rain coating Lake Shore Drive this evening, with me sitting freshly shorn in the back seat sporting a new blond bob, I became preoccupied with how the word “occupation” came to mean “job”. And how I am generally preoccupied with my occupation.

Certainly my days are completely filled with my job. But plenty of other things occupy my time. Like watching American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor. Like playing guitar.

I think I will officially change my occupation to “bricoleur”. (A French term for a person who engages in bricolage, meaning someone who invents his or her own strategies for using existing materials in a creative, resourceful, and original way.)  Or maybe “peregrinator” — meaning one who goes from place to place.

(Maybe there’s a term for one who recevies millions of e-mails and has to clean out just enough of them daily to stay ahead of the storage limit on one’s inbox?)

Now I am occupying my bed, still preoccupied with my occupation. Sort of. My mind is wandering back to a nickname my brother gave to me: Occupant.

When I was 8, all of my animals had names. They were Rascal, Pancakes, Rusty and Bandit. (On Donner, on Blizten.) By the time I reached high school, my animals had much less “warm fuzzy” names. One of them was simply named “Occupant.”

For whatever reason, Brother DIY decided to start calling me “Occupant.”

“Dinner’s ready, Occupant.”

“Hurry up, Occupant.”

Wasn’t he sweet?



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  1. 1

    Annette said,

    Hair pictures, please! 🙂

  2. 2

    Ann said,

    thats what I thought as well. I am getting ready for the
    Spring Beef show. Heading to the fair grounds to water down the dirt! Ann

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