A Big Sissy Weekend

Well, not really a big Sissy weekend. I’d label it more as “rock star.”

It started Thursday night with wine and cheese with a friend (until 1:30 a.m., egads!), then sushi with friends on Friday night. Then cubs game at noon on Saturday (with laundry and a workout that morning), then a dueling piano bar after the game — where many country tunes were played in honor of my home state.

(I fondly remembered when I took Mom and Colleen to the piano bar “Howl at the Moon” on Mom’s birthday a couple years ago. She sat petrified in the front row, hoping they wouldn’t call her on stage to be serenaded by a raunchy song. Ultimately they let her off the hook and sang “Under the Boardwalk” as her birthday treat.)

As if that weren’t enough excitement for one weekend, tonight I met a friend for dinner at the much-talked-about new restaurant Sepia. Excellent. Lots of bacon — how could they possibly go wrong?

We then had tickets to a show at the House of Blues (starting at 9:30–my bedtime), for a singer I’d never heard of named Schuyler Fisk. Chris had originally invited me to the show because the artist is a singer/songwriter/acoustic guitar player, and she thought it would be right up my alley.

She was right. The music was excellent, and Schuyler really played to the crowd.

Right before the concert started, Chris told me Schuyler was Sissy Spacek’s daughter. A few minutes later I spotted a woman with a messy blond bun about 10 feet to my left chugging a Corona. Sure enough! It was Sissy. She beamed during the whole set and even sang along.

Finally I’ve seen a star. (Bill Rancic just doesn’t count.)


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