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Bouncing Nelly

Since Thursday I’ve been out with the documentary crew again, visiting two of our featured characters. I started near Cincinnati, and now I’m near Elkhart, Indiana — in the middle of Amish country (familiar territory).

Last night one of the truckers had a BBQ, and he also had a trampoline. After probably 10 years of not doing flips, I got up the nerve to try some. (And I was dared by a 7-year-old, so obviously I had to do it.)  


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Barbara Walters

This weekend I fished, kayaked, saw a bear and generally relaxed at Mr. Farmer’s cabin 3 hours north of Green Bay. More on all that later.

The central focus of my existence for those three full days was “Audition” — Barbara Walters’ memoir. It came out earlier this month.

What a fascinating person.

I’d put it in the category of two of my very favorite books: the autobiographies of Queen Noor and Katharine Graham. Indeed, they all know many of the same people. (In other words, they know every famous person — past and present — on earth.)

The thing that struck me in all three of these books is how individuals in the media influence world events. Like Phil Graham had tons to do with Lyndon Johnson’s selection as Vice President, and Barbara was integral in getting Egypt and Israel to talk.

Go read it immediately! Read a review from the NY Times here.

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The Big Shoot

For the past couple days, I’ve been with the film convoy shooting a documentary. They all started 10 days ago in South Dakota. I joined them two days ago in New Orleans. Right now we’re in Montgomery, Alabama. Three of us are flying out tonight.

More on this later, but thought you’d like to see some photos. (I only took the first 30 or so…the rest were taken by my colleague.) Click here.


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Celebrity Sighting

Forgot to mention that Jesse Jackson was on my flight back to Chicago from NY a couple weeks ago. Yes, he has droopy eye bags in person, too.

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A Day At Niagara Falls

Last weekend I went to visit Curly Girl and her family in western NY state. Saturday we spent the day at Niagara Falls.

Her 18-month-old was a good sport.

We got drenched under American Falls.

Then we walked over to see Horseshoe.

And had a fine picnic dinner, with the help of her 4-year-old, who took an immense liking to me.

Fitting that we made the trek to Canada (they let me in with a fax of my passport), as Curly Girl is moving there in two weeks.

My buddy became enamoured with the Jelly Bellies in my pocket, which is how I bribed him to be in this photo (normally he hides behind mom).

See 250 photos on Shutterfly:


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The tulips are out on Michigan Avenue — hooray! This is one of my favorite times of year. And I was reminded of how much I love tulips when I was watching TV in the elevator this morning. They showed an aerial view of the tulip fields in the Netherlands.

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A number of years ago I was at a trade show for college admissions counselors representing my ad agency, and a competitor came up and introduced herself. Her title was “Peregrinator”, and I’ve always wanted to steal it.

(Well, first I had to look it up. Hint: Peregrine Falcon.)

For the past 10 days I’ve been going from place to place, starting with a weekend in Kansas, then a two-day trip to NY, and now a weekend at my “cabin” in the suburbs. Next weekend I get to see Niagara Falls when I visit Curly Girl in western NY.

There are so many things that have crossed my mind to write about, but at the moment I can’t think of any of them. Except that Mr. Farmer was grilled during the potluck at church last week, after facing an ovation during the “announcements” part of the worship service (clapping and whistling ensued after I introduced him as the “guest many of you have been waiting for me to bring for years”). He took it all in stride. 


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