A number of years ago I was at a trade show for college admissions counselors representing my ad agency, and a competitor came up and introduced herself. Her title was “Peregrinator”, and I’ve always wanted to steal it.

(Well, first I had to look it up. Hint: Peregrine Falcon.)

For the past 10 days I’ve been going from place to place, starting with a weekend in Kansas, then a two-day trip to NY, and now a weekend at my “cabin” in the suburbs. Next weekend I get to see Niagara Falls when I visit Curly Girl in western NY.

There are so many things that have crossed my mind to write about, but at the moment I can’t think of any of them. Except that Mr. Farmer was grilled during the potluck at church last week, after facing an ovation during the “announcements” part of the worship service (clapping and whistling ensued after I introduced him as the “guest many of you have been waiting for me to bring for years”). He took it all in stride. 



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    Pastor Tom said,


    For a peregrinator you sure did “come home to roost” with Mr.Farmer!
    He’s a great guy and besides that you two appear to be very comfortable
    together – he is easy to talk to and folks sure did enjoy meeting him.
    You make a very nice looking couple of lovebirds at that!
    We look forward to seeing Mr.Farmer again!

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