Barbara Walters

This weekend I fished, kayaked, saw a bear and generally relaxed at Mr. Farmer’s cabin 3 hours north of Green Bay. More on all that later.

The central focus of my existence for those three full days was “Audition” — Barbara Walters’ memoir. It came out earlier this month.

What a fascinating person.

I’d put it in the category of two of my very favorite books: the autobiographies of Queen Noor and Katharine Graham. Indeed, they all know many of the same people. (In other words, they know every famous person — past and present — on earth.)

The thing that struck me in all three of these books is how individuals in the media influence world events. Like Phil Graham had tons to do with Lyndon Johnson’s selection as Vice President, and Barbara was integral in getting Egypt and Israel to talk.

Go read it immediately! Read a review from the NY Times here.


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    Pastor Tom said,


    Queen Noor is a ham radio operator & so was her husband.
    (not that you really care of course)
    You can get a bear real close to your cabin by putting out peanut butter –
    they just love it – of course they’ll want a full course meal after that.
    I’ll tell Collette about the BABA WAWA book –
    hmmm – I wonder what that former press secretary’s book is about??? : >)

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