Adventures at the Cabin

Ah, Memorial Day seems so long ago — back in the days when I could actually dry my hair without sweating it wet again.

Mr. Farmer had been itching to introduce me to his “escape in the woods” in the U.P. (that’s Michigan, for y’all not from around these parts). So we headed out on Friday afternoon for 7 hours on our butts in his truck, trying not to irritate the persistent kink in my neck.

We hit the Port of Green Bay bridge at sunset. With another three and a half hours to go, we debated stopping in Iron Mountain for the night, but ultimately we were awake enough to take on the final leg, arriving around 11:30.









We only had lanterns for light that first night, but they put off enough light to reveal thosands of dead flies. Everywhere. I assumed broom duty. We ate them for a midnight snack.






By morning we were used to the flies, and most had been lovingly dumped out the door.

Lest you think I have become soft in my age of city life, I want to point out that we only had running water for a couple hours a day. There was some sort of issue with air in the line, so it kept losing its prime. Of course I knew nothing about what the men-folk were doing about this in the back shed — Barbara Walters was MUCH more interesting.


The first afternoon we headed over to a nearby lake with the kayaks, where Mr. Farmer tricked me into fishing — and I fell for it hook, line and sinker.

The best I could reel in was Mr. Farmer, himself.

Here’s my favorite photo:

This one is a close second:

The next day we took a cruise around the property…

…in search of the tree stand near the creek. (And bear poop.)


As we headed back to the cabin, we ran into Butch, the friendly neighbor. He’d left us an empty Old Style can on the porch to let us know he’d been there. He calls his place “Butch’s Coffee Shop” — in other words, all the old men meet at his house every morning. Then they return for “cocktails” that night.

Here’s one of the two tree stands on the property, which is where we perched ourselves in the late afternoon to try to spot a bear.

And spotted one we did! He lingered for about 45 minutes, grazing in the clearing.

We had a pu pu platter for dinner.

One of the other guys was going to take a cute little picture of us in front of the cabin. Unfortunately my attempt to jump on Mr. Farmer and attach myself like a koala bear resulted in me landing on my ass.



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