City Mice

Ah, to have an entire weekend without any commitments!

Mr. Farmer came to visit on Friday, and after perusing and Time Out magazine, we discovered Craig Morgan was playing at Joe’s. Both of us were interested in seeing him perform his well-known song “International Harvester” (for obvious reasons), but the couch was really feeling good.

Ultimately we made the 3-mile trek — half on foot, the other half in a cab — and stopped at Pockets on the way for dinner.

We were glad we did. He was a great performer, it wasn’t that crowded, and there were quite a number of middle-aged women wearing IH shirts and Coors Light red blinking pasties on their nipples (over their shirts — perhaps they don’t get out much?).

Saturday we went for a walking tour of Lincoln Park, stopping at Hai Yen for my very favorite Vietnamese dish and a strawberry bubble tea. (Read more about it here.)

Then it was on to the zoo.

Many of the animals were taking a snoozer in the 85-degree weather.

And no matter how you cut it, it’s damn hilarious to watch monkeys pick each other’s butts. They’re so diligent. And they seem to like the taste.

From there we walked over to North Avenue Beach to see all the crazy sunbathers while we sipped iced tea.

But the biggest entertainment of the day came at the very end. I’ve seen the Chicago Naked Bike Ride in years past, and I’d seen that the parade was going to be passing through my neighborhood around 10:30. But I’d forgotten about it until we heard whoops and hollering outside my open window. We ran downstairs barefoot and stopped shy of the corner, just in time to see the first of over 500 people revealing body parts that don’t typically see the light of day. Bashful they were not. The array of different types of bikes — tall, short, big wheels, small wheels — added to the humor. 

Fortuately the guy who wiped out in front of us was wearing underwear.





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