Notes from the Peanut Gallery

I am feeling guilty for not writing. (Boohoo.)

So to get back in the saddle, I have a few observations about weddings, drawn mainly from the wedding I attended last weekend.

  • The couples who make out the most are the ones who have been dating the shortest amount of time. Yes, one of the couples at our table nuzzled each other incessantly through dinner. I told the guy next to me (a friend of theirs) that Mr. Farmer and I had a bet on how long they’d been dating. He replied, “I’d hardly call it dating yet.” (We decided that if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.)
  • The father of the bride can’t ever resist telling you how much the reception costs per person. Or reminding you to tell any man over 50 to have his prostate checked annually.
  • The girls with the biggest bums wear the shortest dresses.
  • If you’re at the back tables, you always get stuck with chocolate cake, which is a travesty for lovers of white cake like moi.
  • If you want to woo a cougar, send her a White Russian.

In all seriousness, this Cubs-themed wedding was impeccably executed — complete with the brass band that typically roams the stands at Wrigley, a hot dog/pretzel vendor, and Dorothy (the most committed fan known to man) in attendance. Two thumbs up.


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    Ann said,

    Hey, wheres the photo? Getting ready for the county fair! It is really getting hot here, my little red truck said 107!! We had supporters picnic last night and we almost had to move it due to a thunderd storm that popped up. It hardley rained at the park and down hard the rest of town. 20 years I have hosted this picnic. Always fun!

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