It’s funny how fast things change! All of a sudden I can legitimately buy bridal magazines in public. (As opposed to secretly snatching one in my trenchcoat while at the airport, carefully discarding it in the women’s restroom outside security, so as not to be ratted out by a first date sifting through my coffeetable reading material.)

In all seriousness, thanks for all the e-mails, cards, phone calls and well-wishes. Your response has been overwhelming. Mr. Farmer and I think many of you are quite possibly as excited as we are — which is highly amusing, given that we were pretty sure the whole “wedding hype” thing was a farce. And it’s been a delight to hear from college friends that have happened onto my blog or Facebook profile.

Also, it’s become blatantly obvious that many of you were truly worried about my well being as an old maid. A number of people have expressed that they can now stop worrying about me. (Poor Mr. Farmer has his work cut out for him. You can thank him someday for taking me off your hands.)

Now, on to planning. If you have any ideas for a farm party, bring ’em on. (All I can say so far is that photographers are EXPENSIVE. Maybe I should go into business.)


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    Mandy said,

    As far as photographers go, I have a friend who has her own business… you can check her out on http://www.angelfireexpressions.com. She has a great eye for beautiful pictures! See what you can find over there and let her know I sent ya by!


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    HD said,

    Hey, just wanted to congratulate you and the farmer. I know the farmer….have shared some laughs and some beer. I work with the farmer’s mom. She was very excited to tell me about the news. Good Work Farmer….you obviously out-kicked your coverage!!

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