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Omnibus Post

A) The Film

The premiere went exceedingly well last Friday, and despite Mr. Farmer trying to cut a deal with my bosses to help pay for the wedding (something involving me getting a tattoo), the evening was pretty tame. Click here to see a recap video from the event, and if you’re really good, you’ll spot me for a split second.

B) Meow Mixup

I’ve been trying to decide what to do with my cats. At some point I’m going to need to sell my condo, then move, then try to help Mr. Farmer sell his house. The obvious problem is the hair, which seems to proliferate by the minute. And it’s not like the little creatures smell like roses, either. So I e-mailed the mother of my cats, and I think she’s going to take them back. Solved. Now it’s just a matter of coordination.

C) Over the river and through the woods…

…to future grandmother-in-law’s house we go. The Toyota knows the way on a lovely Labor Day…etc, etc. Yes, we’re off to Ft. Wayne tomorrow night to meet Mr. Farmer’s beloved grandma. I hear it involves daily trips to Dairy Queen.

D) Starbucks

I’ve taken a liking (or an addiction, perhaps?) to caramel frappucino lights. Earlier this week I realized this had become a problem when I ordered one and the response was, “You really like those, don’t you!”  Now that they recognize me, I guess I have to settle for Au Bon Pain bitter French Roast decaf. Shoot.


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Live From The Tread Carpet

The big day has nearly arrived! The film we’ve been working on for nearly a year premieres on Friday night in Dallas, in conjunction with the Great American Trucking Show.

I have to say, it’s been a huge amount of work — but it is turning out really well. Check out the film website, where you can see the trailer and meet the stars.

There was also an article in the NY Times last week about it.

Ultimately you’ll be able to download it on the film website — I’ll let you know when it’s available.

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A tornado touched down in Chicago last week. Mr. Farmer called me to tell me about the warning, since I thought the siren outside was one of the hundred ambulances that pass my place every five minutes. The rain and wind were pretty bad — and the tornado was supposedly four miles west of me. So I went to the basement. And ran into my neighbor Diane. And then the power went out.

I was caught off guard by the outage. I only had 3 minutes of power left on my cell phone. Fortunately I was able to dust off my landline and call Mr. Farmer.

The power was still out when I went to sleep, so I’d asked Mr. Farmer to call me at 6:45 a.m. to make sure I woke up. I’d also asked him to remind me that I had a rental car overnight, which I needed to return downtown — and I shouldn’t take the bus. He performed both tasks like clockwork.

I went back to bed for 45 minutes.

And what did I do? I took the bus. I realized (via heart attack) at noon that the car was still sitting in my parking spot.

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Women’s Gymnastics

It’s been almost 20 years since I was in the thick of gymnatics, but I still get excited about watching every move when it’s on TV. So you can imagine that I’m glued to the TV right now watching the American’s freak out over two injuries in the Olympic women’s team competition. (Mr. Farmer is rolling his eyes.)

All I can say is these girls are crazy. Have you seen what they’re doing on the beam these days? I was excited to finally land an aerial cartwheel once in a competition — which was damn hard, but looks seemingly elementary in comparison.

1984 is the first Summer Games I can remember, and I recall sitting on the floor in our “back room” in front of the TV, leaned up against our tan corduroy couch, hemming my first 4-H sewing project the night before it was to be judged. It was the night Mary Lou Retton scored a 10 on her vault. And the image of her in the arms of coach Bela Karolyi is forever burned in our minds.

In case you don’t know, Bela Karolyi is the most famous gymnastics coach in the world. And I had the privilege of going to one of his summer camps for a month after sixth grade. (His standard conditioning exercise was to make people climb poles. I never got off the ground.) He really is an inspiration, and I think his presence makes the Olympics even more fun to watch.

I think I will go try to a backhandspring on my bed, for old times’ sake.

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