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Three Exciting Things

1.  I am going to be an aunt at the end of March.

2.  Fall TV season has begun.

3.  I have a dryer vent.


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“Sarah Palin kills Bullwinkle. Bambi is next.” (Just wanted you to share in what I just read I as logged in to WordPress. It made me laugh. But that’s not the point of my post.)

Tonight I was part of a brainstorm for the dance company that I’m a board member for — we’re trying to come up with creative ways to raise money. So if you have an extra million sitting around, I have the perfect place for it.

At the end of the evening (hosted in the fabulous Lincoln Park home of our lovely board president), the executive director pulled me aside and asked if I’d be willing to give myself over to be made over as part of their shopping event (fundraise) next month at Marlowe. Yipee! The theme has something to do with “young professionals,” so apparently I was the closest fit.

One of the other board members said she was the guinea pig at the Luca Luca shopping event a couple years ago, and she said she is still growing her hair out.

Now I’m a little scared. But still game.

After all, a basic sweater set at Marlowe is probably over $1,000. Who am I to complain if they want to dress me? (Please excuse me while I go run 5 miles and do some squats to lose my “I’m in a relationship” bum.)

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The Search for the “One”

Mom, Mom-To-Be and I pulled out our golashes, umbrellas and catfur jewelry to go dress shopping on Saturday.

We had to walk a block to get away from the art fair, which had comandeered my street. Mom mistook a police car for a cab, and after she hailed him, he stopped and asked if we’d seen a guy without a shirt running around bugging people. (He didn’t offer us a lift.)

Moments later we snatched a cab from under the nose of the woman standing next to us and headed for White Chicago.













White Chicago is quite cool — very mod, very white. You have to take off your shoes and then pinky swear that you won’t sneeze.









There was one dress there that made the top five, but this one wasn’t it:













Vera Wang has a penchant for making you look like you’re topless.

Next was House of Brides, where I tried the dress clips on as new age earrings. (Again, not “the one.”)













We made a last minute appointment at Saks, so that I could show them a few Melissa Sweet dresses that I really like (including one called Dora). The peanut gallery started throwing nuts rather than going nuts, so we decided to move on. I think they needed food. We stopped in the Peninsula at Pierrot Gourmet for lunch.

Then it was on to Ultimate Bride, where I really did love the dresses. Unfortunately Mr. Farmer wouldn’t love me any more if I bought one (average sticker $3,000). My very favorite was Oscar de la Renta, followed by a Lela Rose and then a Monique Lhullier. My friend Kelly met us for the final trip down the catwalk and agreed with our choices.

Today Mom and I had two more appointments. The first was at 826 Weddings, a small off-the-rack boutique on Armitage. This one wins for the dress with the longest train. Very practical for a machine shed reception and roasting s’mores.













We drove to suburbia to Priscilla of Boston, where I had high tea with a few more Melissa Sweets. This one wins for most expensive — nearly $9,000! My friend Chris met us for this round — I can always trust her for an honest, practical, sound opinion. (It was her favorite until she saw the pricetag.)














Which one is it? I’ll never tell. All I’ll say is that none of these are even close, and it’s perfect for the occasion.

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Nearly two years I ago I ranted about not having a washer and dryer, to the point that my parents and brother took pity on me and came to put in a gas line so I could power a dryer. To date, it’s never been used. All I had to do was put a vent in the wall and get the appliances, and I would’ve forever been finished with having sore legs from climbing the back stairs with heavy baskets of clean goods.

Mr. Farmer and I are trying to figure out how we’re going to sell our places to ultimately consolidate households, and numero uno on my list is that darned vent.

Never fear! Mr. Farmer has saved the day. He scheduled to have “his people” come and deal with the vent this Saturday while his mom, my mom and I go wedding dress shopping. My hero.

Speaking of sore legs, we finished carpeting Farmey’s basement with carpet tiles on Saturday. My legs haven’t stretched like that for a good 15 years. Though I felt a great sense of accomplishment looking over the expanse of fresh plush, I was far more excited to use Mr. Farmer’s Dyson, which sucked up more nasty crap than you care to imagine.

And now I think I will go and get the latest on Sarah Palin from Us Weekly.

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Wedding Update

In the past six weeks we’ve managed to make some decisions! Here’s what we know so far:

  • The big day is Saturday, April 25.
  • We’re getting married in the church across the road from my parents’ house and then having the reception in the machine shed on the farm (let’s hope there are no tornados or storms that day).
  • We’ve reserved hotel rooms in the town that starts with M that lies east of my parents, because the town starting with H to the south is completely booked! (Softball tournament.)
  • If you are dying to dig in and help (literally), we’re planting hundreds of tulips on the weekend of October 18.
  • Mom’s coming to visit next weekend to go dress shopping with me and Mr. Farmer’s mom. Whoohoo!
  • American Airlines has given us vouchers for 5% off airfare. Wow, what a bargain. Avis is 10% off. Vouchers will come out in the “save the date” cards — when we get our butts in gear to get them done.

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