“Sarah Palin kills Bullwinkle. Bambi is next.” (Just wanted you to share in what I just read I as logged in to WordPress. It made me laugh. But that’s not the point of my post.)

Tonight I was part of a brainstorm for the dance company that I’m a board member for — we’re trying to come up with creative ways to raise money. So if you have an extra million sitting around, I have the perfect place for it.

At the end of the evening (hosted in the fabulous Lincoln Park home of our lovely board president), the executive director pulled me aside and asked if I’d be willing to give myself over to be made over as part of their shopping event (fundraise) next month at Marlowe. Yipee! The theme has something to do with “young professionals,” so apparently I was the closest fit.

One of the other board members said she was the guinea pig at the Luca Luca shopping event a couple years ago, and she said she is still growing her hair out.

Now I’m a little scared. But still game.

After all, a basic sweater set at Marlowe is probably over $1,000. Who am I to complain if they want to dress me? (Please excuse me while I go run 5 miles and do some squats to lose my “I’m in a relationship” bum.)


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