You know the drill

Every day I think, “I have to write a post about that!” And then the day comes and goes, and no blog post materializes.

Two amusing things have happened in the past couple days:

1. The universe sent a message that I needed to put up blinds in my bedroom.

On Saturday morning, I mentioned to Mr. Farmer that we should really put up the new mini blinds in my bedroom that had been sitting (logically) underneath the windows for a couple weeks. He said he hadn’t brought his drill. And being a good farmer’s daughter, of course I have no power tools.

So we went to brunch and then to my chiropractor appointment in the middle of Boystown. Just as we sat down in the reception area, a mid-thirties man galloped in with a briefcase-looking thing. He looked perplexed. The receptionist asked what it was. He said he didn’t know — it had just fallen off a truck turning a corner, so he picked it up. He sat down, opened the case, and exclaimed — almost in horror — “It’s a drill!” (Note: he said “drill” more like “dree-ul” due to his southern accent.)

Mr. Farmer and I looked at each other, and I said to the guy, “We were just talking about the fact that we need a drill.” He said “Here you go.” And that’s how I got my drill to put up the blinds that will sell the house that sits on the corner next to the school that has the crossing guard that compliments my coats. End of story.

2. I checked up on the Pioneer Woman this morning and discovered an addictive site: See damage below:

(The one above is my favorite. If only I had thick hair that would grow longer than my earlobes.)


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  1. 1

    Ann said,

    I heard that you got snow flakes last weekend? Took Cash and Sage on the big pumpkin hunt on Sunday. Sage decided that she wanted a green one!! We cut it off the vine and she threw in in the wheel barrel and she is off to the next amusment at the patch. And of course Cash want the first one he spoted.
    It appears you have a good look for any generation, but what would of been ammusing if you would have infact included the real GN senior photo!!

  2. 2

    Annette said,

    I’ve been yearbooking myself, too! Check out my profile pics on fb! The 80’s ones hit a little too close to home! 😉

  3. 3

    Pastor Tom said,

    Regarding the Drill:

    The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways!

    (let me know what your personality inventories say)
    The yearbook pictures reveal many personalities!

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