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My condo officially went on the market last Tuesday, and within 4 hours, an agent wanted to see it. So I spent five hours frantically cleaning, doing laundry, rearranging my bedroom closet, and sorting through things, so that it would be ready for company on Wednesday afternoon.

He didn’t bite.

Now we wait. So far no one else has called. All that work for just one person.

But, it’s really nice living in a completly picked-up, clean place. Usually I can count on a mound of clothes by my closet, and some hair on the walls in the shower. (You should have seen the hair we pulled out of the drain last night with a doohickey called a “zipper” that we got for $2.59 at Home Depot. Eeew. I think things were growing down there.)

I hate to admit it, but it really doesn’t take that much time to clean if I do it every day. Like 10 minutes. Which I’m doing because my place is on a lock box, and guests could show up anytime during the day. (I’ve been giving the cats a pep talk each morning in hopes that they won’t puke.)

Speaking of cleaning, I need to help Mr. Farmer clean up the sheetrock powder storm in his living room, made while cutting pieces for his basement shower. We’ve been working for two weekends now on his second bathroom, and it’s officially going to get done this weekend! He even taught me how to run copper pipe. Fortunately he had some handy dandy sweatless fittings so we didn’t torch the place.


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I’m reaching into my mailbag tonight to answer some questions from my loyal readers:

1. Have you gotten the rest of the engagement pictures?

Yes! Click here to see the slideshow.

2. Do you still have the cats?

Yes. Their mother Kelly has graciously agreed to take them back in — we’re just having a logistical issue, as she lives in San Francisco. Lord knows they’ll have much nicer hair when they live with her.

3. Are you selling your condo?

Yes. If I ever get around to putting it on the market.

4. Did you attend the election night party in Grant Park?

No. I watched them build it from my office window, but since I wasn’t on Obama’s insane e-mail chain, I wasn’t paying attention enough to try to get tickets. I got my hair cut instead, watched the returns until they called it, and then went to bed. Besides, I can’t stay up that late anymore.

5. How are the wedding plans coming?

They’re slowly coming along. Most of the big things are decided, but we still need to find a band. Ideally we’d have an entertaining (and not too expensive) country band that plays newer stuff, but I haven’t come across one. The two we’re toying with (and have no idea on availability) are the Bill Burrows Band and Petty Cash. If you’ve seen either one of them or have another suggestion, by all means let me know!

I suppose I’m overstating what’s actually booked…we still don’t have the food figured out, I don’t have a dress, and obviously the shed is going to need some sprucing up. The plan is currently sitting in a traffic jam in my frontal lobe.

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Engagement Photos

Our stellar photographer Karen graciously came to Chicago (from Kansas, via MegaBus) to shoot our engagement photos today.

Click here for a few snacks.

Gone are the days of standing near a tree and saying cheese for the paper. We spent from 1:30-7:30 doing a Ferris Bueller tour of Chicago, including…

My street
Leigh Gallery (where we got engaged)
The red doors of the Episcopal church in my neighborhood
The farm in Lincoln Park
The bridge in Linclon Park with the skyline in the background
Lincoln Park Conservatory (greenhouse)
Union Station
Melrose Diner

Phew! My feet are sore. But it was a ton of fun. (And for the record, I didn’t wear the “Diane Von Foofenstein” dress, as Mr. Farmer likes to call it.)

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The Power of Diane

Today I whipped out my favorite (only) Diane von Furstenberg dress. You might remember my decision process from last fall to purchase this dress (it’s the second picture), and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made in the clothing department.

Here’s why I’ve concluded it’s a powerful dress:

  • When I drove through the McDonald’s drive-thru in my hot little Mini Cooper, the man at the money window (boisterous black man, for mental picture reference) said, “Whoohoo, that’s a great dress!” Then he proceeded to give me a high five.
  • When I got in the elevator in the parking garage, a man said, “That’s really a great outfit. It matches your hair.”
  • When I stopped for a salad, the girl at the counter said, “You look like Doris Day.” (I asked myself how a 25-year-old had any idea who Doris Day is. I myself hardly know, depite hearing this comparison for years.)
  • When I stepped out the door at the salad place, another man walking the other direction literally turned around and said, “That’s a great dress!” and gave me a thumbs-up.

So, Mr. Farmer, you can see that I must immediately go buy more.

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