Engagement Photos

Our stellar photographer Karen graciously came to Chicago (from Kansas, via MegaBus) to shoot our engagement photos today.

Click here for a few snacks.

Gone are the days of standing near a tree and saying cheese for the paper. We spent from 1:30-7:30 doing a Ferris Bueller tour of Chicago, including…

My street
Leigh Gallery (where we got engaged)
The red doors of the Episcopal church in my neighborhood
The farm in Lincoln Park
The bridge in Linclon Park with the skyline in the background
Lincoln Park Conservatory (greenhouse)
Union Station
Melrose Diner

Phew! My feet are sore. But it was a ton of fun. (And for the record, I didn’t wear the “Diane Von Foofenstein” dress, as Mr. Farmer likes to call it.)


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