An interesting week

My frequent flier account overfloweth this week.

I had meetings near Toronto on Wednesday, near Baltimore on Thursday and near Des Moines on Friday. So I took the opportunity to visit Curly Girl, who’s been living in Toronto with her family since early this summer.

Toronto is a really nice city. It’s funny though how you would assume that Canada is pretty similar to the U.S.  But occassionally you get a cue that makes you realize you’re not in Kansas anymore. First, the kilometer thing. I found myself constantly converting my speed and the distance on the road signs to miles so I could figure out how far I had left to go. Then the money. It reminds me of Monopoly.

Because my time there was so short, I didn’t have much chance to see the city. At least I had a car, so I got to see the main parts of downtown as I was going to and from her apartment.

Besides our lovely visit, I had a lot of opportunity to read this week. I picked up two books in the airport on my first leg of the trip: The Tales of Beetle the Bard, and The Bible. (No, not the Bible itself — a biography of it.)

The first one is a spin-off of the Harry Potter series — mentioned in the books as one of the texts that the characters study at Hogwarts Academy. Of course it was translated by Hermoine (the overachiever girl in the book), with commentary by Dumbledore (the headmaster). J. K. Rowling gave the book to a charity, who sold it to Scholastic. It’s a shortie — just four fables. It was mildly interesting and gave a bit of insight on some of the happenings in the series. I’d recommend waiting for it in paperback.

The other book  — “The Bible” — is in the “books that changed the world” series, written by Karen Armstrong. She wrote a book called “A History of God”, which I read a couple years ago. Fascinating. She’s a nun-turned-historian who seems to be most interested in the historical aspects of Christianity, Islam and Judiasm — especially how they have influenced each other. These two books will definitely influence your thinking.

Take a read over the holidays and then e-mail me your thoughts.


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    Pastor Tom said,


    Karen Armstrong has a pretty good reputation as a scholar and insightfulness!
    I haven’t read her myself but she is often quoted.

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