Living Under A Rock

Tuesday was a big day for Chicago, with the whole Inauguration thing. Did I go to any parties? Sort of. Our sister PR firm had a chili lunch, and I stopped by. Basically it was a hen party of about 6 chatty marketing types.

It was clear I wasn’t in the know AT ALL about the Chicago society scene. The other ladies were talking all about Mellody Hobson — president of Ariel Capital — and how they LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her. Ariel happens to be a few floors below me, and they are fancy pants. Obama goes there for meetings. And she’s fancy pants, too.

It just so happens that Mellody is dating George Lucas. And word on the street is that he sends his jet for her every weekend.

So, I looked her up online tonight, and it appears that I’ve been riding the elevator with her.

As a complete aside, that morning I was getting my usual egg/cheese whole wheat bagel at Au Bon Pain, and the guy in front of me said to the boisterous cashier, “Big day today.” She said, “Yeah, big day. I guess so. Yeah. It’s my sister’s birthday. It’s a big day, like every day.”

At least some people are living under bigger rocks than I am.


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    She’s the ABP cashier. . . .give her a break! 🙂 I think my D.C. co-worker was worse – because he knew what was going on but didn’t want to acknowledge it! Our office was closed because it was one block off the parade route, so some people worked from home (him) and some people hung out with the 1.5 million people on the Mall (me). I was checking the time on my Blackberry to time Obama’s speech (started at 12:04) and noticed an email that came in from him at 11:44 to see if I was available for a call. Seriously? Even if I wasn’t at the Inauguration, I’d be glued to my TV. . . .

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