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Over the weekend, I actually had some TIME to not think! So what did I do? I thought. Dang it.

When I don’t have anything specific to thing about, I think about everything. On Saturday I started thinking about keyboards, wondering where the standard keyboard came from.

You should know that it just occurred to me a few weeks ago why they call it “qwerty.” Duh. Where the hell have I been to miss something so obvious.

So this evening, while waiting for my Bluefly live chat personal shopper to come up with something fabulous to wear to the rehearsal dinner, I looked up Qwerty on Wikipedia. Turns out a newspaper dude in Milwaukee created it over a 6-year period in the 1870s. Click HERE for the full story.

(So far the shopper isn’t producing much of anything good.)


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I’m an auntie!

My very first niece arrived this morning at 9:08! 7 pounds, 14 oz. Mom and baby are doing well.

Hooray! I must go buy her first Diane Von Foofenstein.

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Mr. Farmer’s Living Room

Here’s how we made the best of Mr. Farmer’s hand-me-down furniture, with a few new props.


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Answers to your pressing wedding questions

Q: Did my invitation get lost in the mail?

A: Nope. Despite my best intentions, it’s now only 5 weeks until the wedding and invitations still aren’t out. The good news is that they’re arriving from the printer tomorrow!

Q: What should I wear?

A: If you’re a boy, you should wear something like khaki’s and a shirt. Tie optional. Underwear is also highly encouraged. Bring a jacket as the evening could be chilly.

If you’re a girl, wear something cute and comfortable. If I were a guest at my own wedding, I’d wear a spring dress with a cardigan, flats and a trenchcoat. Kinda like these:

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Shabby Chic

Mr. Farmer had a showing today! And his house isn’t even on the market. He got a call from his to-be realtor saying that he had another client wanting a house just like his.

Problem: it isn’t quite done. So we went shopping on Saturday and Sunday to stage the ole bachelor pad. We made the rounds to Tuesday Morning, World Market, K-Mart, Target, Wal-Mart and Bed, Bath and Beyond. Then a stop at Home Depot. It was like Old School on steroids.

The result is quite nice. We did most of the shopping inside his own house, supplementing with a few pictures for the walls, a rug for the living room, a slip cover for the family room loveseat and curtains for the master bedroom.

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Not last weekend, but the weekend before, friends and neighbors came knockin at the door. As I sat down, they came in, gave me spatulas and a frying pan.


Down in the wine bar, where grape juice flows,
there sat Nelly, sweet as a rose
Along came Farmer, kissed her on the nose.
How many kisses? Only she will know.


Nelly and Farmer, sitting in a tree,
First comes love, then comes marriage,
then comes a week in Maui (not a baby carriage).


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