Essay #2

[Names have been changed to protect the innocent.]

Sandy and I are very sad that we can’t party with you until the cows come home. Neither of us had ever been to Kansas and we were excited to go. The closest we had ever been was Kansas City, but I don’t think it was the right Kansas City. I mean, not the one on the Kansas side. It was on the Missouri side. That’s because I have family in St. Louis and they thought it would be fun to go to Kansas City. We saw a Royals game and that’s about it. Then we drove back to St. Louis. Fun times. Not as fun as your wedding would have been though. I hope you guys have a great time!

Is this 700 words yet? Geez, that’s a lot of words. Maybe I should have Georgette write it. She tends to write way too many words. That would have helped.

So…unfortunately, your wedding is the same weekend as the 40th wedding anniversary of Sandy’s parents. 40 years! I bet you and Mr. Farmer hope you last that long. Now, Sandy’s parents didn’t meet online. They didn’t have “online dating” 40 years ago, let alone E-Farmony. Instead, they met at a YMCA dance. Yes, I’ve heard that story one too many times. And I will hear it again that weekend.

While you’re gone, I’ll try to hold down the fort. I bet I will find out quickly what keeps you here till 9pm every night won’t I? As long as I don’t have to write any decks for Sal. You’ll have to do that from Hawaii.

You are going to Maui right? You’ll have a great time. Sandy and I have been lucky enough to hit Maui together a couple of times, and we really like to eat, so here are our recommendations for Lahaina:

• Lahaina Coolers — great for pizza and late night food
• Cheeseburger in Paradise — great onion rings. Good location and usually a live one man band
• Mooses — best happy hour and lots of fried food
• Chez Paul — a few miles from Lahaina…good French food and the best crème brulee in the world because it’s served in a pineapple
• Longhis —- a bit pricey, but worth it…good steak and seafood
• Penne Pasta — decent Italian, if you’re in the mood for some pasta
• Curry in a Hurry — you know it’s good because it doesn’t have a website. Quick snack or lunch take out place
• BJ’s Pizza —- don’t expect the Chicago style pizza you’re used to, but do expect a local singer and some good apps

Of course there is good food all over the island….so if you end up going to the high end shopping at Wailea and feel like some fish and chips, Alexander’s Fish & Chips in Kihei is a can’t miss place. And if you have a car, a place that never disappoints in Hailimaile is Halimaile General Store

Rusty Harpoon is good for a quick beverage right near you in Whalers Village. Great first night spot too because you don’t have to go far but still feel like you’re going out.

So that should successfully put about 10 lbs on you and from what I hear, Mr. Farmer needs it.

Well, the question now is whether or not I extend this out for another 100 words. I guess I have to.

Some simple advice. Don’t think about work. Relax. It will be here when you get back and worse than when you left it. So don’t worry about it. I’m sure M. will crack the whip while you are out, and S. will do her best to wrangle in the client. P. will wonder where you are. I will continue to procrastinate, mostly in honor of you, but everything will get done.

Again, we’re sorry we can’t make it but look forward to celebrating with you when you get back. Put it on the calendar. Sandy and I will take you out to dinner. And maybe you can make the recommendation on where to eat this time.


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