Sleeping a little easier

I haven’t yet resorted to counting sheep, but let’s face it, sleeping together in a full size bed is theoretically great for newlyweds, but it makes for a crabbypants wife in the morning. (So I’ve been told.)

Perhaps this is why Mr. Farmer made the suggestion about a week ago that we shop for a new bed. Practically speaking, we’re both trying to sell our places, so I initially thought we should just suffer until we move. But the houses aren’t moving. And last I heard, I need to sleep at night.

So yesterday we ventured out to Portillos for lunch, then leisurely stopped at Target. And what do you know? We passed the mattress store. And stopped.

We’d done a little research about 6 months ago, thinking a Tempur-Pedic would be the answer. Hallelujah! But yesterday they just felt like rocks. And I didn’t think I could make the switch from a big squishy cloud to a foamy block that you slowly sink into for like five seconds when you turn over.

We also thought we would prefer a queen over a king. Ha. One leap onto a pillowtop king in the store, and I was hooked.

An hour later, we walked out as proud owners of a king Serta Perfet Day Effortless Super Pillow Top. On clearance! It’s being delivered tomorrow. I think I have to go take nap.


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  1. 1

    Karen said,

    OHHHHHHH my goodness. Sharing a full sized bed???? Erik and I can barely share his KING. I can’t imagine the battles that would ensue if we were in a full sized bed …. you are some brave souls!

  2. 2

    Ann said,

    Yea for sleep!!!

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