On Leaping

The big question around the watercooler (which is apparently at my office window), is whether the woman on the 24th floor of the building next door is going to jump. Police and fire brigades are standing by to clean up the mess, assuming they can’t talk her off the ledge. Click here for pics. (No blood or gore, I promise.)

Meanwhile, I received this e-mail this afternoon from one of our agency partners:

The boss has a friend who is a camera man with channel [X] news.

They need to interview a person today around 5PM about the following:


There is a new invention that was just FAA approved. Designed for people who live or work in high rise buildings.


It is a chair that has a parachute on it. It is designed so that in case of an emergency you can jump out of the window (if you can open the window) 40 floors or above and survive.


This is not a joke. Please find me someone.

Too bad the woman is on the 24th floor.




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