1. They talked the jumper down at 1:23 a.m., nearly 12 hours after she first appeared on the ledge. It’s pretty amazing that probably 25 people and 10 vehicles were on site for that long to save one person. And obviously those “talker downers” know what to do.

2. We are still cooking, though it was looking like I was starting to fall off the wagon. We’ve cooked 3 times in the last 36 hours! (Skirt steak with veggies, sloppy joes, and chicken enchiladas.)

3. I can’t even tell you how awesome the bed is.


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    Ann said,

    I think if everyone had to climb grain bends when they were a kid the jumping idea would never even occur to them! I really think it would of been fun to fall that far into a nice pilow of air. I guess my days of jumping off hay in the barn as a child using a feed sack as a parachute have cured me of ever jumping off anything. As I write all of this funny stuff you have to wonder what would make a person so upset that they would even think of doing that. Ok enough said don’t really want to go there. I think I will just stick to bales of hay and feed sacks!

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