Rediscovering the Library

Earlier this summer, Mr. Farmer and I stopped by the village library when out on one of our evening walks. We couldn’t believe the travel book section! Seriously, I think there are more travel books (and recent ones) than you find at Borders. So we checked out books for like eight countries.

Tonight I felt the need to get out and move around in the lovely weather, so we decided to take the Fiji and safari planner books back and trade them for the places we recently added to our itinerary: Hong Kong, Cairo and Bali.

While we were there, it occured to me that I can actually read books for FREE instead of paying $10 for each one on the Kindle! Shocking! I picked up The Lovely Bones, which is coming out as a movie. (I saw the trailer on Tuesday while at the theater for Julie & Julia.) I’ve been avoiding that book for years because I typically don’t like to read things that creep me out, and given that it’s told by a girl who is watching the aftermath of her murder from heaven, I figured it fit that bill. My friend Chris assures me it’s not going to give me nightmares, and though she’s an admitted true crime junkie, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.

I also checked out American Wife, which I’ve been eyeing since our honeymoon. (How fitting.) I’m slightly skeptical, since it’s written by a dude, and that dude wrote Prep. We’ll see.

For now I’ve set them all aside, however, to watch Project Runway and gather my crap for a weekend in Fort Wayne with Momma Farmer and Grandma Farmer.


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