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Dinner Party on the Farm

Long story short, we officially took up residence in the house I grew up in on January 25. Since that time, 164,508 absolutely hilarious things have happened, most centering on Mr. Farmer’s observations of life in a new dimension. Like the fact that all of the high school basketball coaches (and some of the players) are related. Or that he’s now related to most everyone in a 20-mile radius. And that I do the Jane Fonda workout in the church basement on a regular basis.

As my brother says, the meal plan isn’t bad either. We partake in Mom’s excellent cooking quite a few times a week. But we’re also hosting a lot more people these days.

In Chicago, I’m certain that in my over six years of living by myself, I hosted people no more than once a year. If that. I think we’ve had people over that many times in the last month here on the farm. And we really like it.

I’m looking forward to the day that Mom finds the Pioneer Woman Cookbooks she hid from herself before Christmas, so that my buddy Mrs. Firewife and I can start cooking our way through it. Last night Firewife made PW’s poundcake with strawberries and cream while I relied on Ming Tsai for Asian-inspired pork tenderloin (grilled by Mr. Farmer), mashed sweet potatoes, apple chutney and sesame-dressed salad. My brother and his wife joined us to make six.

Fun was had by all.

(Now we have to clean-up after the bomb that went off in the kitchen.)


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