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Musings on American Idol

Obviously since it’s Tuesday, my butt is planted firmly on the couch, my legs numb because they’re propped up on our too-high-for-a-coffee-table-but-we-have-no-other-option-hand-me-down-from-Farmer’s-grandma cedar chest. It’s Idol night, and dang it, I’ve caught up via DVR to live TV, which means I have to suffer through all the tax software commericals. Not to mention having to listen to Randy, Ellen and Kara — usually I fast forward to Simon. (The show will surely die when he leaves, since the other three have nothing meaningful to say.)

So, as a result of Casey’s performance of “Power of Love,” Mr. Farmer and I have been chatting about the first cassettes we owned as third graders. His? Thriller. Mine? Huey Lewis & The News Sports. My second was Thriller. His second was…(drum roll please)…Culture Club. (My guess was Beastie Boys.)

[Pause to listen to Didi.]

Overall assessment tonight: dull. These people can’t pick songs worth a darn. Thank goodness for Crystal Bowersox.


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My wheels

Late this afternoon, just as I had completed getting my Chase extras points for a $50 gift card to Macys and was cruising to find the Michael Kors pants I’m eyeing in Lucky Magazine, I heard a “vroom vroom” outside. Had to be dad on the 4-wheeler spraying for henbit in the yard. He’d been by earlier to get a start on it, but I’d stayed in the house on my conference call, and now he was back to finish.

Ding! Ding!

It occurred to me that I do actually have a vehicle (pronounced vee-HIK-il in these parts). Yes, I have Mr. Farmer’s ATV sitting in the shed across the driveway. No longer will I be stranded in my house with only my legs to carry me.

Then I realized that I had no idea how to run it.

Good thing Dad pulled up just then to the end of the sidewalk, and after a tour of the yard (to figure out where to put the garden, now that he’d just sprayed to kill every green thing except grass) and a tour of the barn to put out rat poison, we ambled over to the shed to learn me some ATV startin’.

Imagine this…it actually starts by turning a key! So I took it out for a spin in the yard, then sped with my hair wooshing behind me a half-mile up the road, half hoping that Mr. Farmer would be showing up just then to see that his wife has now comandeered his toy. Wee!

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Buried Treasure

Last Friday we got word that one of my great aunts had died, so on Tuesday I went along to her funeral. She’d lived a long and happy life, only learning a few weeks ago that leukemia was going to get the best of her. But, despite the somber occasion, it was nice to see my fringe relatives and old family friends.

All three of my dad’s sisters accompanied us to the funeral, with one of them flying in from Arizona. So Mom took the opportunity to pull out the remaining things from my grandparents to divvy up.

Most of it was junk, in my humble opinion.

But there was about $300 in coins that Grandma had once buried inside the machine shed when they were going on vacation. Why? Who knows. But there they sat on the kitchen counter, equally divided by coin type and date in four cottage cheese containers. There were a ton of silver dollars from the 1970s.

But the pennies. OMG. An entire big coffee can FULL of old pennies that hadn’t yet been touched. My aunts were in favor of sorting out the ones with wheat backs and then sending the rest through the coin counting machine.

So after the aunts had left, my parents and Mr. Farmer and I got sucked into sorting them — at 9 p.m., when we should’ve been thinking about going to bed or watching bad reality TV or something. Mom and Dad separated the wheat from the chaff, and Farmer and I sorted them by decade. Well, I sorted them by decade and Farmer diligently sorted them by year. We’re still not done.

We had tons from the 30s-50s, and the earliest one we found was 1912. They have a little bit of value, but so far we haven’t hit the motherload:
•1909-S V.D.B. ($700-$2000+)
•1909-S ($100-$500+)
•1914-D ($225-$3,500+)
•1922 no mint mark ($650-$40,000+)
•1931-S ($115-$250+)
•1955 Doubled-Die ($950-$5,000+)

Most of them are just worth, well, pennies.

P.S. Is it just me, or is it funny that there’s an article in the local paper that says the “birthday group got together this month, even though there weren’t any birthdays”?

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