My wheels

Late this afternoon, just as I had completed getting my Chase extras points for a $50 gift card to Macys and was cruising to find the Michael Kors pants I’m eyeing in Lucky Magazine, I heard a “vroom vroom” outside. Had to be dad on the 4-wheeler spraying for henbit in the yard. He’d been by earlier to get a start on it, but I’d stayed in the house on my conference call, and now he was back to finish.

Ding! Ding!

It occurred to me that I do actually have a vehicle (pronounced vee-HIK-il in these parts). Yes, I have Mr. Farmer’s ATV sitting in the shed across the driveway. No longer will I be stranded in my house with only my legs to carry me.

Then I realized that I had no idea how to run it.

Good thing Dad pulled up just then to the end of the sidewalk, and after a tour of the yard (to figure out where to put the garden, now that he’d just sprayed to kill every green thing except grass) and a tour of the barn to put out rat poison, we ambled over to the shed to learn me some ATV startin’.

Imagine this…it actually starts by turning a key! So I took it out for a spin in the yard, then sped with my hair wooshing behind me a half-mile up the road, half hoping that Mr. Farmer would be showing up just then to see that his wife has now comandeered his toy. Wee!


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    Ann Religa said,

    Let me get you a helment! I bet he was so excited he hid the thing from you!! You know that they are a taxable farm expense! Wait tell he finds that out and he might just take you over to Dans and get you a matching one of your own! Skiing was great!! It snowed like 13 inches! Angel Fire New Mexico was very nice!

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