Musings on American Idol

Obviously since it’s Tuesday, my butt is planted firmly on the couch, my legs numb because they’re propped up on our too-high-for-a-coffee-table-but-we-have-no-other-option-hand-me-down-from-Farmer’s-grandma cedar chest. It’s Idol night, and dang it, I’ve caught up via DVR to live TV, which means I have to suffer through all the tax software commericals. Not to mention having to listen to Randy, Ellen and Kara — usually I fast forward to Simon. (The show will surely die when he leaves, since the other three have nothing meaningful to say.)

So, as a result of Casey’s performance of “Power of Love,” Mr. Farmer and I have been chatting about the first cassettes we owned as third graders. His? Thriller. Mine? Huey Lewis & The News Sports. My second was Thriller. His second was…(drum roll please)…Culture Club. (My guess was Beastie Boys.)

[Pause to listen to Didi.]

Overall assessment tonight: dull. These people can’t pick songs worth a darn. Thank goodness for Crystal Bowersox.


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