Hi! I’m Nelly.

I’m an early-30’s midwest farmer’s daughter living a big city life in advertising. I pilot my adventures from a cushy couch on Chicago’s north side. I’m a closet exhibitionist who knows better than to streak–so I expose my thoughts to y’all instead.

Here’s me in 2nd grade:

1st Grade Photo

I used to show pigs…

Weasel the pig

And sometimes calves…

Rascal the bucket calf

And even bigger calves…
My brother, my steer Duke and me

And sometimes you’d catch me with a sheep. (But only when I was wearing something I’d made out of wool. And was getting paid for the act in more yards of wool.)
Who dressed that sheep?

Finally I won top prize!

Grand Champion Piggy

Meet Brother DIY, my only (and younger) sibling. He’s a renaissance engineer who is constantly renovating his house. He used to hide food in his cheeks.
Brother DIY

I tortured him in college by dating his friends and telling him all the details.
Brother DIY and me at his freshman fraternity formal

We’re all growed up now–well, at least we look like it. Now that he’s much bigger than me, he likes to hold my head to the floor and sic the dog on me to nip at my ears.

Brother DIY and me

But his wife (my Super Sister-in-Law) keeps him in line.

Brother DIY and my Super Sister-in-Law

We are the spawn of J and M.

Mom and Dad

They work together on the farm–though it’s usually dad outside doing the hard labor and mom inside doing the books and cookin’.
Mim and Jim building the corral to bring the cows home

Sometimes they come visit me in Chicago. I put them to work doing projects in my condo. Dad’s super handy–and if I don’t keep him busy, he’ll become a hermit in my 1970s hand-me-down swivel rocker and watch the Weather Channel.

Sometimes Mom and Dad come to Chicago


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  1. 1

    PASTOR TOM said,

    Hey Nellie,

    We are sure enjoying your blogs – have you thought about writing a daily syndicated
    article for some paper? I looked up my hometown – Hibbing, Minnesota –
    look it up – that big hole in the ground – it gives new meaning to
    “what hole did you crawl out of”? Hey, my attempt at humor –
    we also like your mukluks – real nice! Keep warm & dry with all the snow!

    Pastor Tom and sidekick – Collette

  2. 2

    Big Cow said,

    Need more volleyball posts! (Along with more cow bell…)

  3. 3

    Mary Hildebrandt said,

    Hey Lori or Nellie,
    Love your blog. I thought you might want to throw some blue cheese crumbles in your spinach salad.
    YUM YUM!!

    Please send me an email….I have misplaced yours and am not smart enough to figure out if it is listed in your blog:)

    Take Care,
    Mary (Fields) Hildebrandt

  4. 4

    Sally said,


    Sorry it has been so long. Lissa told me about your blog and I’ve been checking in every week or so. Let me know if you ever make it back to the Dallas area. I may just have to plan a weekend getaway to Chicago (if I can talk Matt into handling the girls for a weekend). Take care!

    Sally (Slyter) Morris

  5. 6

    Steve Fisher said,

    Hey Nelly-
    Give me an e-mail back soon so I know if you still need my help or not!

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